Tuesday, May 31, 2011

GSNYC reception pics (pt 4)

A final set (for now) of pictures from the gallery reception.

A packed house throughout the evening

 Bree Westphal thinks through her move in Amery Kessler's Mirror Chess
Playing Elephant in the Relationship
Results of many plays of Elephant in the Relationship

Kat Schneck and nephew contribute to Jon Horvath's piece

Andy Malone helps explain Meander

Philip Noble trying to keep his bubble moving...

a visitor contemplates Megan Klim's Meaningless Game...


  1. This reception seems to put LIFE INTO LEARNING, OBJECTS OF ART, AND CREATIVITY by avoiding the stagnant look of a traditional exhibition and by instilling the creative process into the hands and minds of the attendees.
    BRAVO! Where is the next adventure of this great experience ? Laura Donnelly, resident artist, Market Street Art Spot

  2. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for your note and kind words. Not sure where the next iteration of Game Show X will be, but check with our current site www.gameshownyc.com for details about the future and drop us a line so we can contact you. Best, Nick