Tuesday, May 31, 2011

GSNYC reception pics (pt 4)

A final set (for now) of pictures from the gallery reception.

A packed house throughout the evening

 Bree Westphal thinks through her move in Amery Kessler's Mirror Chess
Playing Elephant in the Relationship
Results of many plays of Elephant in the Relationship

Kat Schneck and nephew contribute to Jon Horvath's piece

Andy Malone helps explain Meander

Philip Noble trying to keep his bubble moving...

a visitor contemplates Megan Klim's Meaningless Game...

More pics from the Reception (pt 3)

Some happy faces at the reception...

Arnold and Crystle Martin

 Artist Diane Rosen and husband Peter
Julie Newdoll with her game Journey to Neon

Artist Mike Richison explores Andy Malone's Nexus with friend Marina

Philip Noble sets a bubble safari in motion!

Gallery Reception (Pt 2)

More pictures from the packed and fun-filled gallery reception...

Jeff and Max Kupperman work with Arnold Martin's mini-SOMA cubes

Bree Westphal takes an attendee through her game Inner Critic

Conference organizer extraordinaire - Chrissy - plays with blocks

Deep thinking on Andy Malone's x/+

Building on Carol Cook Reid's Pathway Patterns

James Taylor's Gentlemen of the South Sandwiche Islands gets some play

Reception Pics (Pt 1)

Friday, June 27 saw the gallery reception for Game Show NYC - and a packed affair. People playing, laughing, blowing bubbles, and interacting with art and one another all night. A good time was held by all - hidden away in TC's Macy Gallery.

Opening night festivities take over Macy Gallery

Artist Amery Kessler competes and cooperates with a friend in his Mirror Checkers...

Dr. Joey Lee explains his gamification cards to attendees

Co-curator and artist Andy Malone explains his game Meander to attendees

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Exhibition Reception - TONIGHT!! (Friday, May 27, 2011)

Join the artists and organizers to celebrate with a reception for Game Show NYC - 5 to 8 pm at Macy Gallery in Teachers College. TC is on 120th between Broadway and Amsterdam - there is a single main entrance on 120th - come through security - ask directions or look for signs directing people to Macy Gallery on the Fourth Floor of Macy Hall. Free and open to the public. Come out and play!

Microsoft Research's Don Brinkman and co, check out Andrew Moskalik's "Bounce" 

Brinkman prepares for Liz Zacharia's "Thinking Cap"...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Still more install pics

With the reception less than a week away - things are continuing to grow in the gallery...

Carol Cook Reid builds on her "Pathway Patterns"

 Jonathan Clyde Frey's crossword puzzle "social structures" is visible through Amery Kessler's glass chess/checker boards.

A familiar face to Teachers College art ed students drops in to play with patterns...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More install pics

Mike Richison, alum of Game Show Detroit and artist in GSNYC drops in Tuesday to make adjustments to his own piece, and spends the day putting the final touches on the whole show. Good stuff - and thanks, Mike!

Install view of the second space, giving a hint of Bree Westphal's works and James Taylor's. 

Lee Walton's take aways for playing Baseball Drift in NYC

Andy Malone's Meander (in motion) and Nexus

Carol Cook Reid's "Pathway Patterns" as they start to grow...

Mike Richison and Suzanne Choo play Meander as Thelonius Monk looks on approvingly...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Installation Complete!

Saturday, May 14, a number of Game Show artists joined with Macy Gallery's crack installing team to assemble Game Show NYC in a marathon session. The show is now ready for play...

Check it out now and join us for the gallery reception Friday, May 27 from 5-8pm! Details at www.gameshownyc.com.

Hitch Hikers hit the City...

Jim Pallas's Hitch Hikers for his "Carry Me Back" project arrived at TC Friday May 13, and went on their way into the city courtesy of Imagining America and College Unbound's Adam Bush and his convertible.

Follow along with Thelonius, Lenni, and Saul on the Carry Me Back website: http://jpallas.com/carrymeback/